Swimming Pool Liability Waiver

The Renter/tenant of real property identified below, hereby waives any and all claims against owner and management of said property.

The renter/tenant understands that there is a swimming pool on the rear section of subject property, and as such hereby agrees to hold owners of said property harmless regardless of such an event, beyond owner control, could lead to personal injury or harm of any kind.  It is further understood, that by the nature of a swimming pool itself, when utilized without caution, the pool could pose a serious threat to renters/tenants wellbeing, in addition to anyone else the renter/tenant allows access to the said pool.

The renter/tenant understands that they have been advised of Arizona State law (ARS 33-1681).  State law requires children 5 years old and younger may only occupy a home with a pool if the pool is separately fenced away from home with a self-latching gate.

If the subject swimming pool property does not meet the Arizona Pool Barrier requirements, indicated below, children 5 and younger may NOT occupy this rental home.  If during the stay, it is found that there are children under the age of 6 at the home, the renter/tenant will be asked to leave and will forfeit any balance of rental amounts paid.

By signing this waiver, the renter/tenant agrees to comply with the above.

Renter/Tenants signature(s) below indicates a complete understanding/agreement to the provisions above.

How many children will be occupying home?  _______      Ages: ____  ____  ____  ____  ____ 

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Signiture Renter/Tenants


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Signiture Renter/Tenants

This agreement applies to subject property located at:


Lake Havasu City,  Arizona

Meets requirements ________   Does not meet requirements ________